How to Be Happy

*The information in this article has nothing to do with science. My personal experience only.

What a person needs to be happy: wealth or spiritual values?


To be happy, a person needs serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin; that is, the hormones the human body produces.

That is, to be happy, you don’t need anything you don’t have.

That is, to be happy you have everything. Right here. Right now.

My apologies, but to explain the way of making your body produce the hormones you want it to produce, I’m going to use examples from intimate relations. It so happened that it’s the only sphere where every grown-up knows how it works.

Imagine, doing your job, you get tired and take a break. While relaxing, you evoke a night you spent with your beloved.

What do you feel?

Exactly! Your sensations are approximately the same as the ones you had that night.

The mere thought makes your body produce the hormones it produces when you make love.

The production of the happiness hormones works the same.

But how to use this pattern to get those happiness hormones?

The key here is your eyes.

Imagine something erotic until you feel aroused. Catch the barely discernible sensation in your eyes. You need to do that just to understand what kind of sensation I’m talking about. For happiness, it’s different but of the same kind.

Now, remember a moment from your past when you felt 100% happy. If you don’t have such, imagine the situation you’re sure you’d feel happy. Catch the sensation in your eyes. Memorize it.

Do your best to maintain that sensation 24/7. Of course, it will be difficult at the beginning. Don’t give up. Restore the sensation in your eyes every time you remember about it.

It’s not just about feelings and sensations. When your body produces enough serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, and oxytocin, you easily come up with the best solutions and extraordinary ideas; you become attractive in all respects.

Thanks to it, your life changes in every aspect, and you get those tangible and spiritual things you thought you lacked for being happy.

Just no matter what, do not forget to maintain that sensation in your eyes, for it’s that sensation that makes you happy but not all those things you gain.