Life Is about Choices

*The information in this article has nothing to do with science. My personal experience only.

We always have a choice. If not of the things themselves, then of how to take them: to suffer, or enjoy, or struggle, or ignore. However, those are not the characteristics of choice I’m going to talk about here.

We always choose between what we want and what we must, should, ought to, and have to.

The majority choose what they’ve been taught to choose: must, should, ought to, have to.

Most of the minority choose what they’ve been told they want: a long list of indecent things.

And only a handful of people choose what they really want.

As a result, the majority complain they do everything right but never get what they’ve been promised for doing what they must, should, ought to, have to.

Most of the minority ruin their lives another way.

And only a handful of people are happy.

In full awareness, I stood before this choice many years ago. Everything was perfect in my life, but I felt awful. That led me to the decision that from then on, I would do only the things I wanted to do.

First, those were things I’d been told I wanted. In no time at all, I realized I didn’t want them whatsoever.

It took me almost a year to find what I really wanted.

Some years later, an acquaintance of mine complained to me that no matter how right he tried to live, his life was a nightmare for him.

I shared my experience.

He laughed and said, “If I did what I wanted, I’d lie down on the couch and never get up.”

“Excellent!” I told him. “Lie down on the couch and don’t get up until you want something different.”

I made him do it.

It took him less than ten minutes to get bored of that fascinating activity. He understood what I was talking about.

We met again in a few years. He became another person. It even seemed that throughout those years, he aged in the opposite direction. He really looked much younger than when we’d talked about choice.

Yes, it takes courage to stop living as you’ve been told. Perhaps precisely this is called to go out of your comfort zone. But when you leave your comfort zone in this manner, you get into your genuine comfort zone, filled with achievements and success, adventures and discoveries, joy, contentment, happiness, and self-perfection.