The Source Code. Book 1. The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island

The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island A freelance programmer Maggie Ray is used to coming up with helpful ideas in her dreams, but this time, it looks like something went wrong. Is it really so or maybe she overlooked something? Maggie doesn’t think about it and doesn’t connect it with another event that happens precisely this day. It seems just a coincidence, but precisely this day, Maggie’s brother decides to restore the relationship they haven’t maintained for years. He has a peculiar reason for that, and it happens so that this reason is the essence of Maggie’s new project. Their reunion turns into the beginning of mysterious adventures between the habitual civilized world and the realm of ancient knowledge, kept by a shaman of an isolated tribe. Those adventures start or rather Maggie realizes that something weird is going on when without the participation of her will, she clearly remembers the dream, which she considered a sheer nonsense.


Disha Sawant
"... Source code is one such that you don’t want to miss in forever. This is the first book among a long series and the adventure is just about to start. The book certainly turned out to be much more than I expected it to be. The plot is highly gripping and hooks the reader to the book from the very beginning. it commences with a spooky little incident but further ahead, it engages the reader to dive into the pool of unimaginable mystery. ..." Read the full review

"... As a reader I could feel the excitement of finding out the living style of the tribe, their powers, what they thought of the Inhabitants of 'big cities'.. However the end of the book is a cliffhanger, given that it is the first book of the series. I can't wait to find out more!!" Read the full review on Amazon

Sanchita Bhoot
"This book is a gripping tale and story building is superb. The characters are intriguing and with each passing page you would be dying to know what will happen next. An easy yet hooking read." Read the full review

The Source Code. Book 2. A Lesson of All Foreign Languages

A Lesson of All Foreign Languages Maggie’s friends and their guide Dee are sure the shaman did something terrible to her. But what? It’s impossible to learn it from Maggie. After seeing off his guests—Maggie and her friends—Dee meets with the shaman to find out what happened but instead learns an astounding thing that can considerably improve his life. He is desperate to get the proof and contacts Maggie. Without knowing what she is doing, Maggie confirms the information the shaman provided him with. Dee is happy, but not for long. The opportunity that looks amazing turns into a complete disaster, and shortly after this, another trouble befalls Dee. Meanwhile, Maggie keeps her secret from her friends, absolutely sure it’s better for them to not know what really happened to her. She trusts with it only to her brother. The confession brings an utterly unexpected result. She is forced to remember the source code from her dream again and reconsider everything she has been through.


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About the Book Series

The Source Code is an intricate blend of parapsychology and digital technology in the exciting adventures wherein the difference between truth and lie, reality and illusion, natural and supernatural depends only on the point of view.

About the Author

Ekat Rin started her writing career as a playwright and had been working for the theater for over 10 years. Along with it, she collaborated with various periodicals as a journalist. Ekat is particularly interested in the peculiarities of human perception and paranormal abilities.