The Source Code. Book 1. The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island

The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited IslandMaggie is a programmer and is apt to having dreams about coding, but never before she heard a voice demanding, “Memorize the last line.” Maggie does, but the line only looks like source code. Perhaps, it’s just an outcome of weariness after a fortnight of hard work. Then why ... Oh! There are too many whys! They look like just a sequence of coincidences, which happen to bring Maggie and her friends to an isolated tribe on an island that is considered uninhabited. And there, in the jungle, scared out of her wits, Maggie remembers nothing else but the source code from her dream.



Disha Sawant
"... Source code is one such that you don’t want to miss in forever. This is the first book among a long series and the adventure is just about to start. The book certainly turned out to be much more than I expected it to be. The plot is highly gripping and hooks the reader to the book from the very beginning. it commences with a spooky little incident but further ahead, it engages the reader to dive into the pool of unimaginable mystery. ..." Read the full review

Marissa Kasang
"... Furthermore, this book has somehow reawakened my interest in anthropology. I get excited. Needless to say, I enjoyed reading this book and was totally groaned when I reached the cliffhanger ending of this book. If you are someone who is looking for a book with a unique storyline, then this book is for you and you will enjoy this like I did." Read the full review

Uday veer Singh
"... With a mixture of science-fiction, programming, tribal life and fantasy, this book turns out to be a fresh one in the pile of stories I’ve been coming across nowadays. So, I didn’t want this to end as soon as it ended and with that cliffhanger that will hook you on the series, I’m eager to see how the plot goes on. If you are eager to find a story that relates to technology but isn’t anything like what you can imagine, you may get your copy on Amazon." Read the full review

Sanchita Bhoot
"... This book is a gripping tale and story building is superb. The characters are intriguing and with each passing page you would be dying to know what will happen next. An easy yet hooking read." Read the full review

"Intuiging, enthralling and captivating, Ekat Rin's the Source Code is definitely one of the best books I've read in a while ..." Read the full review on Goodreads

Marissa Kasang
"... This book is an easy read, the story line is unique because I have never read a book similar to this one before, and I enjoyed reading the POV (point of view) from different characters. I'm looking forward to read the next instalment in this series." Read the full review on Goodreads

"If you want to read a book filled with suspense , thriller and magic , i would suggest you The source code. Based on the story of city folks and how they wish to meet the inhabitants of a uninhabitated Island who have been hidden from civilisation for so long , the story is really intriguing ..." Read the full review on Amazon

"... As a reader I could feel the excitement of finding out the living style of the tribe, their powers, what they thought of the Inhabitants of 'big cities'.. However the end of the book is a cliffhanger, given that it is the first book of the series. I can't wait to find out more!!" Read the full review on Amazon

Muskaan Premchandani
"... I, must say, commendable work by the author. The book is really intriguing. Characters are fleshed out really well. Story was in flow. Initiatives are taken by author to make it simple and catchy. Cover page, title they all seem relevant to the story. Readers interested in thriller-fic should grab it asap." Read the full review on Amazon

The Source Code. Book 2. Doubtless Doubts and the Doubtful Truth

Doubtless Doubts and the Doubtful TruthDo you remember how the 1st book ended? Good! And Maggie does—what is only natural, of course. But what happened to her next? Maggie doesn't care, absolutely sure she knows the truth, which is so shocking that Maggie thinks it's better for her friends to know nothing about it. Yet, keeping a secret is about to ruin what she treasures so much. Maggie sees no other choice but to tell her brother what happened to her in the jungle. As a result, they discover a mysterious connection between the source code from Maggie's dream and the things that have nothing to do with programming.


The Source Code. Book 3. The Charge of Those in Charge

The Charge of Those in ChargeAt the end of the 2nd book, we left Maggie startled by the unexpected discovery. Of course, she wants to know what it’s all about. The answers baffle her even more. They look like sheer nonsense, but they cannot be the lie—there is no doubt about that. What happened to her on the island happened for a reason. But what happened? Maggie has to admit she doesn’t remember too much about that. And there is something else. Maggie comes to know who told her in her dream, “Memorize the last line.” She is well familiar with that one, but … That is another thing too hard to believe.


The Source Code. Book 4. The Powerful Challenge for the Willpower

The Powerful Challenge for the WillpowerAs you know from the previous books, Maggie has dreams that are exact copies of her adventure in the jungle. So far, they concerned a few insignificant things. At last, Maggie restores the considerable part of the event and is struck by a horrible realization. Yet, the most important thing is still out of her reach. However, even what Maggie already knows is quite enough to unsettle her so much that she is ready to rely on what any sensible person would consider madness. Her seemingly absurd decision leads Maggie to an encounter that turns out to be a mind-blowing twist for her.


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About the Book Series

The Source Code is an intricate blend of parapsychology and digital technology in the exciting adventures wherein the difference between truth and lie, reality and illusion, natural and supernatural depends only on the point of view.

About the Author

Ekat RinEkat Rin is a novelist, screenwriter, translator, and filmmaker. She started her writing career as a playwright and had been working for the theater for over 10 years. Along with it, she collaborated with various periodicals as a journalist. Ekat is particularly interested in different cultures, peculiarities of human perception, and abilities that are considered paranormal.